What We Do

C&L Logistics, Inc. is a trusted freight broker assisting shippers in finding qualified carriers to haul their cargo from one destination to another. Most businesses do not have the time or ability to find trusted carriers capable of moving their specific freight. If shippers do not already have a relationship with a carrier established, often they are taking a chance, picking a random carrier, and hoping for the best. This can lead to poor service, claims and costly delays when the carrier they picked is not up to the job.

Using C&L Logistics, Inc. as a freight broker eliminates stress and wasted resources for the shipping company. C&L Logistics, Inc. works with a network of dependable and vetted carriers for a broad scope of shipping jobs. We make sure that all the carriers in our network have clean, up-to-date, and appropriate equipment, a current and valid license, proper insurance, and the ability to adhere to mandatory timelines. We guarantee that every order is handled by the best carrier available. All carriers are monitored for compliance daily.

Why Work With Us

Working with us at C&L Logistics, Inc. is valuable beyond saving time. Our expert handling of all aspects of the transportation process improves your working relationship with your clients & drivers. We maintain a reliable network of carriers and customers, allowing us to quickly meet any specific shipping needs without delay. An extensive network of qualified carriers also enables us to respond to fluctuations in the market place so our clients and carriers can focus on their core competencies. Whether you are dealing with promotional surges or weather related disasters, C&L is available for all of your needs 24/7.

We are known for our superior communication with our clients at C&L Logistics, Inc. Real-time updates offer peace of mind. Constant contact with the carrier allows us to efficiently manage any issues that could delay a shipment. Our goal is to ensure both parties are happy with the transaction. If needed, we also provide claim management by filing and quickly handling the legal system. Working with C&L Logistics, Inc. increases your company’s ability to move loads anywhere with ease and reliability. Customer or Carrier, C&L Logistics has your back!