C&L Logistics, Inc. is a trusted freight broker assisting shippers in finding qualified carriers to haul their cargo from one destination to another. Using C&L Logistics, Inc. as a freight broker eliminates stress and wasted resources for the shipping company. C&L Logistics, Inc. works with a network of dependable and vetted carriers for a broad scope of shipping jobs. We guarantee that every order is handled by the best carrier available.

A Full-Service Logistics Company

C&L Logistics, Inc. offers transportation solutions and management for a wide variety of shippers. We are built to respond to all our clients’ transportation needs with quality service, reliability, and superior customer service. We partner with the best carriers in the industry. Together, we offer a wide variety of services throughout North America, allowing us to carry out your company’s shipping operations efficiently. We save your business time and money. Read more >>

Our Mission:

C&L strives to deliver excellent service to our customers by providing customized, safe, and responsive solutions while utilizing world class technology.  By integrating our core values with our uncompromising integrity, we will meet and exceed our customers’ expectations for a superior experience.

Honesty – Safety – Service – Sustainability